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a bit tired

The complexity of …

This is a skype conversation that I had two days ago with a friend about some collages and something more. I really enjoyed speaking with a not arty-trained speaker and I think it came out something very interesting about some aspect of my practice. If you have the patience to read all (even if you haven’t) and you would like to comment I would be very interested in to know some of your opinions.
Translated from Italian (sorry for some mistakes)

jacopo says: (15:53:53)
how was the party?
Ago Godric says: (15:54:11)
We didn’t go
jacopo says: (15:57:11)
I might go out tonight
Ago Godric says: (15:58:30)
When and where?
jacopo says: (15:58:52)
At The Toilette with some old lover ☺
Ago Godric says: (16:04:31)
jacopo says: (16:13:56)

I need opium ☺
Ago Godric says: (16:14:05)
Ago Godric says: (16:14:08)
Can I see the gay collage *using the italian slang (finocchio)
Ago Godric says: (16:14:20)
The one you did last day?
jacopo says: (16:14:49)
do you wanna see all of them or just the ones that I published in my blog
jacopo says: (16:14:57)
Now I have a BLOG!!!!
jacopo says: (16:15:09)
I think this summer has driven me a bit crazy
Ago Godric says: (16:15:13)
Ago Godric says: (16:15:16)
Let see the blog
jacopo says: (16:15:27)
but you can’t understand
Ago Godric says: (16:15:33)

I know
Ago Godric says: (16:15:36)
I don’t understand nothing
jacopo says: (16:15:38)
well I don’t think anyone is understanding my blog ☹

jacopo says: (16:16:09)

Waiting for Ago Godric to accept the file "" (973 Kb). Please wait for a response or Cancel (Cmd+.) the file transfer.

Transfer of file "" has been accepted by Ago Godric. Starting transfer...Cancel

jacopo says: (16:16:52)
They are not real works
jacopo says: (16:17:01)
but if anyone is interested in to buy them
jacopo says: (16:17:12)
I made them just to spend some time
jacopo says: (16:17:33)
they don’t look very conceptual

Transfer of "" is complete.

Ago Godric says: (16:25:57)
Are u still the same?
Ago Godric says: (16:26:05)
Go back Satan!
Ago Godric says: (16:26:05)
Ago Godric says: (16:26:10)
I open the first one
Ago Godric says: (16:26:32)
that’s kinda of porno
Ago Godric says: (16:27:59)
There are many dicks
Ago Godric says: (16:28:01)
jacopo says: (16:28:20)
well, it’s not the first time there is a dick in my work
Ago Godric says: (16:41:21)
But I don’t understand one thing
Ago Godric says: (16:41:29)
Why are u not making pictures and just using pictures from the past?
jacopo says: (16:44:32)

ago...are u asking why I don’t shoot photos?
jacopo says: (16:47:13)
for me it is very important to refer to a past , to recreate a past dimension, but a different one. It has something to do with memory, the process of identification, the possibility or impossibility of memory, the importance of a quote. I use ‘ready-made’ as a reference inside the process of quotation… I am speaking about the ready-made also addressing to the historical avant-gardes
jacopo says: (16:47:37)
I also don’t believe in the role of the artist as author but as vehicle of knowledge
Ago Godric says: (16:47:55)
Are u cutting and paste?
jacopo says: (16:48:14)
I am not interested in the technique but I am looking at an image as source of one or more concepts
jacopo says: (16:48:51)
Then I am not always using images from the past
Ago Godric says: (16:49:04)
I can say that is possible to recreate the past also without starting from it
jacopo says: (16:49:26)
I am not re-enacting the past
Ago Godric says: (16:49:42)
So you modify it
Ago Godric says: (16:49:54)
You make it ‘modern’
jacopo says: (16:49:57)
I think the opportunity to make it topical is a very important message
Ago Godric says: (16:50:02)
So u make it modern using modern technology
jacopo says: (16:50:13)
I am not interested in technique
Ago Godric says: (16:50:47)
Don’t u consider a limit the fact of using pictures made by someone else?
jacopo says: (16:51:02)
I don’t see or imposing any limits
jacopo says: (16:51:26)
I using found images in the collage because it is an aspect proper of this medium, in a way
Ago Godric says: (16:53:10)
Your idea of readapting the past can be used also in new creations
Ago Godric says: (16:53:28)
Everything is a readaptation of the past
Ago Godric says: (16:53:43)
From the technology
Ago Godric says: (16:53:52)
To figuration
Ago Godric says: (16:54:15)
Everything is built using a pre-existing technology that has been modified and improved
Ago Godric says: (16:54:27)
Do you want to express that now the communication is different and this is also due to the fact that before there wasn’t such improved technology? There was a lack of communication also due to less improved technology…
jacopo says: (16:55:11)
I am not sure I understand what you are asking
jacopo says: (16:55:28)
anyway my ideas discuss the ‘normal’ way of communication
jacopo says: (16:57:33)
The idea of communicating a reality, as the only one and as the ‘real’ one, even if it’s still working in some narrative forms, is totally in crisis. There are many realities and there are all communicable or incommunicable. My attention in distorting pictures attempts to discuss the ‘normal’ communication and open it towards a plurality of signifies.

jacopo says: (16:59:54)
what I want to say…it is : what u are looking at is not what u are seeing, there are many other functions involved in the process of seeing (e.g. memory, personal taste, experience…), so the use of the past is also debating about the process of historicization
jacopo says: (17:00:19)
I don’t think I replied to you question
jacopo says: (17:00:35)
in my work the meaning of ‘communication’ is put in a debate and differentiated
jacopo says: (17:01:29)
sometimes, in a very personal way
jacopo says: (17:04:27)
does it make sense?
Ago Godric says: (17:05:55)
Anyway if you will shoot your photos I think your work will be more complete and personal
Ago Godric says: (17:06:23)
And I could see a lot of naked men while you are shooting
jacopo says: (17:07:20)
so if someone makes something… are we still link to the idea of the author?
jacopo says: (17:07:36)
many people already sent him to hell
Ago Godric says: (17:08:09)
Futurists sent everything to hell
Ago Godric says: (17:08:28)
But they were different cos they totally zeroed
Ago Godric says: (17:08:47)
And inevitably they built up
Ago Godric says: (17:08:52)
You recover and modify
Ago Godric says: (17:08:59)
And I don’t understand if your modifications depend on the technology you are able to use in 2009
Ago Godric says: (17:09:08)
It seems that you are taking something old and you think about the power of communication that could belong to this thing nowadays
jacopo says: (17:10:38)
replying to your previous assertion, I think that you can express personality also through the taste and the references belonging to a person, and not only through a material elaboration born by a mental elaboration and the use of a technique.
jacopo says: (17:10:51)
and about your last sentence, Futurists didn’t zero anything
jacopo says: (17:11:30)
in fact they had a very deep knowledge of the past and from this they tried to recreate a ‘future’/’futursim’
jacopo says: (17:11:51)
They didn’t start from zero but the use their own past as term of reference for the future
jacopo says: (17:12:22)
I am not interested in what an image from the past can or could communicate by itself
jacopo says: (17:13:45)
I am interested in a personal gaze that is never totally autonomous cos we are still link to the figurative structure and the personal taste is always confronting the common imaginary.
jacopo says: (17:15:12)
In this way there is a crisis of communication systems because the common imaginary is never the same for everyone and in a way it doesn’t really exist, even our cognitive process works through its assumption.
jacopo says: (17:17:37)
When I am looking at something, I am in a different condition from the people in the past. My gaze can’t be the same of the one involved in symbolic and figurative art of the middle age (something=something else and I use a code to read it). My gaze is part of a historical process and an editing where the personal knowledge overlaps the induced one. It’s a multi-layered knowledge
jacopo says: (17:17:49)
I am not confronting myself with the author of the images, or just with the image themselves, but I am confronting with the viewer that normally is a contemporary spectator completely bombed by a visual flux and I would like to share with him the expressive potential of a complex image
Ago Godric says: (17:20:19)
I am still not convinced
jacopo says: (17:20:32)
What is still upsetting you?
Ago Godric says: (17:20:51)
So, if your target is to communicate the complexity of an image, every image could be ok
Ago Godric says: (17:21:15)
Even more if you don’t have any connections to the author of them
Ago Godric says: (17:22:39)
What are using when you want to communicate the complexity of an image?
Ago Godric says: (17:22:41)
Ago Godric says: (17:22:43)
Ago Godric says: (17:22:45)
Ago Godric says: (17:22:51)
How do you select an image?
Ago Godric says: (17:22:57)
The author makes a more complex selection and the process of creating is a more complex one than your modification
Ago Godric says: (17:23:26)
Your complexity is a paradox
jacopo says: (17:23:57)
I don’t think any image is equal to any other, instead I believe that more an image is complex, much more it is the result of a selection
jacopo says: (17:24:34)
my selection is also part of a personal process that confronts the development and the understanding of an image at a collective level
jacopo says: (17:25:44)
If you think that an author is someone that is just making and not someone that is simply modify or showing or just thinking about something…you are limiting the concept of ‘the author’
jacopo says: (17:26:40)
even the choice of a color for a painter is a very complex choice, it’s not only due to personal taste or the case
Ago Godric says: (17:26:49)
The author is everything cos he starts from zero
Ago Godric says: (17:26:52)
you are not starting from zero so you have some borders
jacopo says: (17:27:31)
it’s impossible for the author as much for the viewer to start from zero
Ago Godric says: (17:28:01)
In physical term you can start from zero
jacopo says: (17:28:02)
I don’t agree …you have some parameters of judgment due to your physical structure
Ago Godric says: (17:28:11)
I follow you if you are approaching that in a psychological way
jacopo says: (17:28:17)
no no no
jacopo says: (17:28:22)
even in a physical way….you have a determinate knowledge compromised by the fact that you have two legs, two eyes, one nose etc…
Ago Godric says: (17:29:05)
Ago Godric says: (17:29:45)
But if you want to communicate you don’t have always to start from the past
Ago Godric says: (17:30:25)
So, for example why did you use an image of a limp dick and not of a hard one?
jacopo says: (17:32:14)
I use a not erected dick because it’s different from a hard one
jacopo says: (17:33:42)
I am using static poses …not men in action, I am not looking at the naked body just in a pornographic way, but I am interested in the aesthetic experience inside pornography…there is no making but seeing
jacopo says: (17:34:45)
not every dick is the same, it’s important to know how to choose
jacopo says: (17:35:00)
they also are very complex images

jacopo says: (17:41:07)
hey ago!...but if I translate this conversation could I post in my blog?
Ago Godric says: (17:41:41)
Yes…do it

Thursday, August 27, 2009

F.K. Homage

Today I felt the urge to communicate…and I also felt the urge to write something.

It has been too long since I wrote a short tale or a review. This hole makes me reflect about words, about their graphic sounds. I can’t write yet. I am looking forward to do it.

Instead, I though about a small flyer that I designed many years ago. I did after a Ferdinad Kriwet’s show. His power was very deep in to my eyes and in my mind.

My flyer is a POP-languishing homage. I never write, I think I always re-write sentences.


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